• Comptiability

    Know compatibility with your freinds & others. Find your perfect match at Zodleaf.

  • Zodiac Club

    Share, express and connect people with same zodaic and characteristics. Also enjoy group posting in your own Zodiac Club.

  • Zodleaf Chat Rooms

    Chat with your friends in any language, handwrite a message, share variety of emotions. Invite people to chat rooms and connect with new people.

  • zodleaf Blogs

    Post your stories, experiences and views about different zodiacs

  • Zodleaf Juke box

    Upload, play & listen to your favourite music. Create own playlist and dedicate songs to dearest ones.

  • Zodleaf- play online game zone

    Play and invite your freinds to play online games Including 3D, action, adventure, extreme sports, soccer, card, puzzle games and many more!

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